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February 28, 2010

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Phew! I have my grocery list ready for my first recipes! I will be buying items I have never bought before. I showed Garry my list and he questioned whether we should do this or not (because of cost) and I assured him that the main reason my list was so long was that I have to get stocked up. I usually don’t have bulgur or star anise buds or tahini (still have not clue what that is!).

My first recipes will be:

Baked Falafel Balls with Lemon Tahini Sauce

Asian Stock over chicken and vegetables

Bistro Bow-Tie Salad with Italian Herb Vinaigrette

Portobella Mushroom Club

I am excited to get started! But, I have a delay as my whole family is still trying to recover from a very nasty stomach flu. It takes the appetite away for days and so right now my guys only want 7UP and popsicles! Hopefully, I can get started with my recipes in a few days.

I have discovered that besides not having many of the ingredients I will need for these recipes, I also am needing a few other things. My spice rack is a disaster. So, I will need to buy something to keep them organized and where I can see what I have! And I never have owned a food processor which I have noticed is needed for many of the recipes. I am not a well-equipped cook to say the least. I am a ‘get buy with what I have’ cook. So, I need to add a third goal to the first two goals mentioned in my first post, to become more organized and prepared for cooking. But organization is a good thing, just have to find a space for the food processor (my cupboards are full!).

Hopefully in the next few days I can report on the first recipes. I know the guys are ready to get their appetites back again!

Here are my poor guys! Good thing I got better before they did! I ran out of sofa space!


Hello world! February 27, 2010

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My name is Vicki. I am a 52 year-old mother and housewife.I have been married for 33 years to a wonderful husband, Garry and have 4 children. Two of our children are grown and now have their own families.  I have several other titles as well: teacher (as I home school my two boys, Caleb who is 15 and Jonathan who is 11), bookkeeper, counselor, cook, etc…

The reason for this blog came from the movie ‘Julie & Julia’, which if you haven’t seen it, is about a blog. Someone named Julia decided to go through Julia Child’s complete cookbook in a year and write a blog about it as she did so. It became popular enough to become a movie and a book! I don’t expect very many to even read this blog so I certainly don’t expect to become famous! But because of the movie, I am inspired to go through a complete cookbook as well. Go through it in a year, like Julie? I doubt it with my many other responsibilities. But, I plan on fixing at least 4 – 7 or so recipes a week, so we will see. The cookbook I have chosen is the Whole Foods cookbook which contains over 350 recipes.

The reason I have chosen this cookbook really goes back to when I found out about organic food. I have always loved to cook and have many cookbooks. One of my favorite hobbies in my younger years was to pick a handful of recipes every week and try them. I made so many different new dishes of all kinds of variation. It was fun. But then something happened that changed all that. In one day I lost my health. It seems it may be lyme’s disease. The diagnosis was almost 100%. I found I could no longer eat the same foods. I had always cooked like my grandma. Heavy on everything that basically is not the best for good health. And I had no idea before I lost my health there was even such a thing as an organic grocery store??

But my lyme’s doctor handed me alot of information and it strongly urged me to change my eating habits and to switch to organics in order to avoid the hidden substances in food that tend to make us unhealthy.

After several years of eating organic, Whole Foods has now become my grocery store. But, as some of you probably know, it is not all that easy switching to healthy eating and really difficult to get your children to do so. They, of course, love the things all kids love: pizza, tacos, cheeseburgers, fries, fast food and more fast food.  They rarely eat vegetables. Usually canned green beans maybe once or twice a week? And now, since they aren’t that fond of the fresh veggies, fish, etc.like I eat, I am normally fixing two meals at a time. One for them and one for me. And the meals I fix for my boys and my husband are boring and not really the healthiest choices. I tend to make easy meals out of boxes or cans since I am preparing two meals at a time!

So, my inspiration to go through the Whole Foods cookbook has goals along with it. I hope to get back to preparing new and fun recipes which I love to do and have gotten away from and hoping that by the time I get through this cookbook, my boys will have developed their taste for fresh, tasty, very healthy food! Yes, they are going to eat what I have prepared. And no, I won’t make them eat these meals alone! They will still get an occasional pizza or cheeseburger. But, they are going to be eating dishes which I haven’t even learned to pronounce yet or know what they are. What is tahini??

So, this blog will critique the dishes I prepare. I will post pictures. And I will report to you how my family responded to the meals. And we will see together. Can there be a Whole Food transformation in my home? Falafel, hmmm. Anyone know how to pronounce that?