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4 New Recipes, Great for Summer! June 22, 2010

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Summer continues to keep me busy! I always think there is no way that I could get busier, and then it happens! But, I am still managing to try some new recipes in the Whole Foods Cookbook! And these recipes are great for summer meals! Remember, if you want any recipes, let me know, and I will be happy to post them for you! At the present time I am working on Round #10! Which means I have made around 70-80 recipes!! That’s a lot of healthy eating!

Hiking season! Just getting back from a 5 hour hike!

The first recipe is Chilled Lingiune with Gorgonzola and Basil. I had Abby and her family come over to help eat this dish. Eric was kind of overcome with the Gorgonzola. It is a very pungent ripe Italian blue cheese. It is sweetened in this recipe by balsamic vinegar and cooked linguine. Along with these ingredients spinach and toasted walnuts and various spices. Abby and I both gave it a 10. I think the Gorgonzola probably dropped the rating for Eric quite a bit. The boys thought it was ok and gave it about an 8. I think that is pretty considering the strong cheese in this recipe.

Salad with a 'bite'!

My next recipe was the yummiest in this round! Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake with Dried Blueberries. Abby fixed this recipe for me while I cooked the linguine recipe. Thanks, Sis! Love cooking with ya’!  And it turned out yummy! Of course, again, it is dessert, so it gets a 10+!

Didn't last long!!

I really, really liked the next recipe! And so did the boys!! Yeah! Santa Fe Vegetable Wraps! Getting more great veggies down the boys and they are happy! On top of a tortilla (flavor of your choice) you spread cream cheese. Then on top of the cheese you lay a lettuce leaf and then proceed to layer: Monterey Jack cheese, tomato, avocado, red onion (left that off Garry’s, of course), jicama (new veggie for us), fresh corn kernel, black beans. This was SO good that we had it again for lunch the following day! Jicama, not pronounced like it looks! Getting the pronunciation down with these new foods is one of the most challenging parts of the recipes! I have to go to the folks at Whole Foods and try to pronounce them, so that they can help me find them. And I never get it right. They always have to correct me. But jicama is pronounced (hi’-ca-ma). It is a Mexican potato that tastes like a combination of apple, potato and water chestnuts! It is very good and really made the wraps taste great. All of us gave this wrap a 10!

Can you believe the boys gave this a 10!

The last recipe was one of my favorites as well. It has another LONG name: Orzo & Feta with Lemon-Caper Dressing & Kalamata Olives. Kalamata olives just keep showing up in these recipes, much to the dismay of all the guys. I really like them, so I am not complaining, but the guys do take them out! This is a Mediterranean dish that makes a great side dish. Some of the ingredients are orzo, parsley, lemon juice, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives and feta cheese. I gave it a 10 and the boys gave it around a 9! There was so much left over, I gave the rest of it to Abby and her family and she said they really liked it and ate it all in one sitting!

Another great side dish!

Even though I am so busy right now, I am still enjoying taking the time to cook well for my family! I am realizing that it is something as a mom I should have been doing all along instead of letting them eat food regularly that I know is not all that good for them. It has made me think through priorities and realize that this is one of those duties as a mom I need to continue to take the time for! It really gives me satisfaction watching them eat healthy!!

Until the next recipe…

Didn't mom say flowers were healthy, also?? So long from Colorado!


So Much Cooking, So Little Blogging! June 12, 2010

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It has been awhile since my last blog. Summer has meant being much more busy with activities. Caleb is in the Civil Air Patrol, there are numerous church activities, and I just flat love to get out and about in the summer! Colorado summers are great and there is so much to do and so little time to do it!

Campfires in the backyard! One of my favorite things!

But, we are finally getting rain! I know you all in the Midwest can’t imagine it being dry right now, but we haven’t had any moisture for quite some time! So, today is overcast, cool and rainy. I  finally have an excuse to settle down and post my many recipes I have prepared in the last few weeks.

First of all is Orecchiette Pasta with Shiitake Mushrooms and Sugar Snap Peas. Orecchietta (little ears) pasta comes from Puglia, Italy. The shape of this pasta holds in the natural sauce created by the concentrated juices produced by the mushrooms as they cook down. I really enjoyed this dish and so did the boys! They both gave it an 8!

Good Picnic Dish!

The next recipe is Yellow Split Peas with Fresh Dill and Crispy Garlic which I prepared Cilantro Lime Rice. This was an unusual dish for my family and they weren’t really sure about it at first. But as they took several bites,  they decided it wasn’t all that bad! Yellow split peas are preferred by Scandinavia and Northern European residents. They have a nuttier, butterier flavor than green split peas. Personally, I really enjoyed the dill in this dish. The boys were so-so. They both gave the split pea dish a 7. The rice dish had mixed opinions. I loved it! Jonathan liked it as well, giving it a 9. Caleb wasn’t so fond of it and gave it a 7.

So much flavor!

The next meal consisted of 3 new recipes, all of them coming out of the children’s section of the cookbook. For this meal I prepared Potato Chip Crusted Fish Bites, Ginger Ale & Honey Braised Carrot Coins and Tomato Clouds. The boys loved the fish bites. They were yummy! So much more healthy than eating frozen fish sticks! Jonathan didn’t care for the carrot coins, so much for appealing to the children! He only gave them a 6. Caleb thought they weren’t too bad and gave them an 8. Garry and I really enjoyed the Tomato Clouds. These consisted of beaten egg whites, combined with cheese, cornmeal, garlic and oregano. Caleb didn’t care for the tomato but liked the center and Jonathan didn’t really care for it at all. Caleb gave them a 5 and Jonathan a 7.

A Meal Fit for a Kid!

I promised them if they went ahead and ate all their plate I would fix the next recipe I knew they would love. Having a reward helps a bunch in healthy eating for the boys! Mango Passion Montage! Only I used peaches instead of mangoes as Garry is very allergic to mangoes. This drink was a frozen treat consisting of peach slices, strawberries, passion fruit juice and crushed ice. Yum! Of course, this kind of recipe gets a strong 10 from the whole family!

So refreshing!

Some new ingredients for the family! Miso, bok choy and chard! This next meal consisted of 2 new recipes: Portobello Burgers and Asian Braised Greens. The burgers consisted of portobello mushrooms and button mushrooms along with cashews, sunflower seeds, miso, etc. I used goat cheese spread to top off these burgers and they were delicious. The boys liked them and gave them an 8! The Asian Greens were interesting to prepare as the recipe called for 2 whole bunches of chard and 1/2 large head of bok choy! I had this huge pile of greens to cook down along with sesame seeds, lime juice, ginger, garlic, red chili flakes, cilantro and scallions. I thought to myself that there was NO way we could eat all of this, especially since it was GREEN! But it amazingly cooked  down and was so tasty that all of it was eaten! YEAH! More greens in the bellies of my boys! They both gave the greens an 8! We are coming along in our healthy eating  journey!

Portobello Burgers and Asian Greens

Well, I made clouds, now it’s time to make pillows! My next recipe was Roast Eggplant with Orzo & Ricotta Pillows. This was so flavorful and yummy! It had quite a few ingredients, some of them being: onion, leeks, eggplant, red peppers, tomatoes, garlic, orzo, fresh basil, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, etc. How could it not be good with all of those wonderful ingredients? The boys agreed and Caleb gave it a 9 and Jonathan an 8.

This was great as leftovers for lunch the next day!

My last recipe! I told you I have been busy cooking! Griddled Sesame & Garlic Tofu with Wilted Bok Choy. I personally loved this dish as it had a very spicy Asian sauce that was used as a marinade for the tofu and sauce for the completed dish. I really enjoy bok choy and am pleased to be introduced to this wonderful veggie again! Caleb and Garry weren’t too crazy about this dish. Caleb liked the greens but didn’t like the slab of tofu on top. He prefers tofu in smaller pieces. Garry just didn’t say much as he was eating it, only made the comment after he was done that it was pretty spicy hot. Jonathan and I both really enjoy hot, spicy Asian food. Jonathan gave it a 9, I gave it a 10. Caleb, only a 7 or less. Garry never really said. He is sweet and doesn’t really like to criticize my cooking! What a husband! 🙂

Hot and Spicy, Green and Yummy!

Phew! Many hours in the kitchen, much cutting up of veggies, washing dishes, but it is so worth watching my family eat healthy!

Until the next recipe!

Cadet Airman Ware says, "So long from Colorado"