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Summer So Swiftly Flying By…BUSY! July 9, 2010

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I cannot believe that it is nearing the middle of July! Where is the summer going? I know one major reason it seems to be going so fast is the fact that we have been super busy! But I am not complaining. We have had wonderful weather so far here in Colorado and have been able to really enjoy where we live. AND I have been busy cooking as well! I have several new recipes to mention in this post and what was really fun was getting a chance to share them with my parents when they visited from Missouri.

My mom savoring my broth! 🙂

My first recipe was Miso Broth. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning. I didn’t have an Asian dish planned so I decided to go ahead and prepare it along with salmon hot dogs. Did you know that hot dogs also come in salmon? Whole Foods gave out samples and I was sold! I made a mistake of buying the jalapeno kind and they were a little too hot for some of the family. I have to quit doing that! I love spicy food and I knew better! Anyway, the meal still turned out great and surprisingly everyone really liked the Miso Broth. Especially Hudson!

Hudson couldn't get enough!

My next recipe was Easy Mole Sauce (not pronounced like the animal!). I prepared enchiladas to have with the Mole Sauce. Mole means concoction. And this certainly was a concoction! A great variety of ingredients such as: pasilla chili, red pepper chili, onion, tomatoes, tahini, almonds, raisins, cloves, cinnamon, coriander and cocoa powder. This is a very dark, rich sauce. Caleb gave it a 9, but Jonathan didn’t like the spices in it and only gave it a 5. Overall it was a hit with the family. This was another recipe I was able to share with my parents and Abby’s family.

Very spicy and tasty!

The next recipe was White Bean & Kale Gratin with English Farmhouse Cheddar. Phew! Long name! This was VERY good. Cheesy beans, not a complicated recipe, one that most children would like except for my youngest. He just doesn’t like beans and so he rated this low and Caleb gave it a 10!

Great meal for the family!

The next recipe was a hit with Grandpa Griffin from Missouri! Raspberry-Stuffed Brie Wrapped in Phyllo. This recipe consists of brie covered with your favorite fruit spread, wrapped in phyllo dough and then baked. Everyone seemed to really like this. Kind of an unusual appetizer.

Party Pleaser!

Grandpa loved these BUT he was willing to share! 🙂

The next recipe had a Moroccan flair! Many, many ingredients. This took some time to prepare. And it was kind of funny. The cookbook said not to let the number of ingredients scare you as you can just toss them in the slow cooker while you go about your business. You better not have too much of any other business, because it takes a LONG time to chop and prepare all the ingredients! Some of the 22 ingredients are: onions, carrots, celery, a variety of mushrooms, lentils, fennel seeds, tomatoes, bell peppers, a pound of fresh spinach and a whole lot of spices! But it was worth the trouble. The chopped mushrooms (which were many) made a wonderful rich base to this dish and it was very good! The boys both gave it a 9 – 10! Oh yeah, lovin’ to watch them eat all these wonderful fresh veggies!

Great with pita bread!

Another recipe that is a given 10+ is Cappuccino Snap. We had this the night of Calla’s 4th birthday party. Abby made a darling pink horse cake with ‘sparklies’ for Calla and we had the snap instead of ice cream with the cake. It was SO good! It is fun to hear everyone ooh and ahh over your recipe. This is a simple recipe that has espresso, ice, cinnamon, frozen yogurt and a dash of nutmeg all blended together!

Calla's 4th Birthday!

10+ Hands Down!

One more! (You can tell I have a lot more time for cookin’ than bloggin’!) This last recipe I was able to prepare and share with the neighbor children that were here for awhile. This recipe was Adobo Sauce with 8 Layer Tortilla Pie. This was excellent! The spice mixture used in the recipe contained chili powder, cumin, oregano and cocoa.  In the tortilla pie there were black beans, white beans and kidney beans along with salsa and several types of cheese layered with the tortillas. Everyone gave it a 10! Including me!

Hungry for Mexican??

It is hard to believe that soon I will be on Round # 12! This round has some really wonderful recipes! One of them being The Nutcracker Sweet Cheesecake. The only problem I can see with this recipe is that one 1/12 serving is over 900 calories! EEEKKK! I am going to just have to ‘taste’ this one!

Hope you all are having a great summer! Enjoy! For those of us in the mountains it will be snowing before we know it! Until the next recipe…

My family and I say, "So long from Colorado!"