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Desserts to Share! September 17, 2010

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It seems as though I have been cooking up a storm, but for this time I have only 3 recipes to share. Two of them are desserts from the Whole Foods Cookbook.

A nice way to end the summer was to have a campfire and BBQ! We invited friends and Facebook friends as well to come to our home Labor Day weekend. We ended up with 32 total! Knowing I would be feeding a lot of people I decided I better fix two desserts. The first one I prepared was Lemon Lime Bars. These were delicious! They had a basic flour crust and the filling, of course, contained lime and lemon juice along with some lemon zest. I searched for lime zest, but was unable to find any. So, I just added some extra lemon! YUM!

Lemony-Lime Goodness!

The second dessert was the one I was excited to prepare, Nutcracker Sweet Cheesecake. This was a big hit! The crust was made of graham crackers, butter, almond extract and slivered almonds. The filling consisted of sour cream, more almond extract, cream cheese, shredded coconut and chocolate chips. Then to top it off, it was coated with melted chocolate chips mixed with cream. Whole toasted almonds dotted the cheesecake along with some sprinkled coconut.

7,520 calories of yumminess!

One of the reasons I made this cheesecake for our guests was that this is the recipe that was 940 calories per serving!! Good one to pass around and not have sitting around enticing me! This was a real crowd pleaser and it was gone by the end of the day! Of course, both desserts rated a 10+ with the boys!

John Rice and Steve Start playing horseshoes

The third recipe was really fun and a big hit! It came out of the children’s section, but this is definitely a meal for all ages! Three Dips and a Shrimp Stick consisted of grilling shrimp on skewers and then making 3 different dips to dip them in! The first dip was a Spinach Dip that consisted of olive oil, onion, spinach and yogurt. This was great with crackers as well. The second dip was called Pink Dip, because it was pink! 🙂 It consisted of yogurt,  mayonnaise, ketchup, paprika, lemon juice and a dash of hot pepper sauce. The third dip was Honey-Dijon Dip which, of course, consisted of dijon mustard, honey, mayonnaise and lemon juice. The favorite dip of the guys was the Honey-Dijon, but all the dips were fabulous and tasted great with the grilled shrimp. Oh, and also, the shrimp was marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, oregano and parsley. The boys gave this meal a hearty 10! We will definitely have this again! They were wishing for more!

The shrimp and the 3 dips!

Well, I have made several more recipes that I will post soon! I am enjoying homeschooling with the boys and being home more.  I have actually prepared over 100 of the Whole Foods Cookbook recipes! Only about 250 to go!

Until the next recipe…

So long from Colorado!


2 Responses to “Desserts to Share!”

  1. lettucepraise Says:

    I hid the piece of cheesecake you sent with us in the back of the fridge. 🙂 It took me four days to eat it and no one found it that whole time! Hee hee.


  2. Brenda Says:

    Hi there, I just came across your blog while searching for reviews of the Rum Painted Pineapple Orange Bundt Cake from the Whole Foods Cookbook. I have that cookbook and LOVE IT!! I’ve only made 3 recipes from it so far (the bundt cake will be number 4) but I’m really thrilled with all three recipes. Are you not doing this blog anymore? I find it really interesting. I’ve bookmarked it so I can go back when I have time to read all your posts. I’m making the cake tomorrow and will be posting it on Sunday (hopefully). Thanks for a great blog!!!!

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