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A Couple of Good Recipes and One ‘You live and learn!’ October 15, 2011

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I am really enjoying preparing new recipes again. I am also enjoying shopping at Whole Foods for the ingredients. I am gathering ingredients for only 3 recipes at a time and it is helping cut down the craziness of trying to find unusual foods. Unless I ask for help, I can spend a lot of time searching. Going through this cookbook is helping me learn about new foods, shopping for them and preparing them. And I really enjoy trying new things and watching my family try them as well. I am sure that I get a lot more excited with some meals than my guys do. I pretty much like everything out there and am willing to try about anything. But it is harder with the guys who think a Hamburger Helper meal is gourmet!

My first recipe is Jerk Chicken. Jerking is a process of marinating that adds an intense , fiery, hot and smoky taste to whatever meat you are preparing. Traditional Jamaican jerk meats are grilled slowly over wood in a covered metal drum, but I cooked mine in a covered metal grill as I don’t have a covered metal drum! Some of the ingredients that make the Jerk Sauce so interesting are:  jalapenos, ginger, thyme, allspice berries , limes. Very flavorful and the boys rated it high with a 9 and a 10.

The second recipe was a near disaster. It called for white wine and I used white wine vinegar. I am sure all of you wonderful cooks out there are thinking, what? And surprise, surprise, it was WAY too sour! The recipe was Warm Quinoa Salad with Shrimp and Asparagus. To tone down the sour taste, I added some sugar and honey and also some Cascal Crisp White (non-alcholic). I managed to make it palatable enough for the boys to both rate it a 7! Some of the ingredients are: onion, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon zest (more sour!), green peas, roasted cashews (I am going to have to get roasting nuts down, can you tell they are a little dark? Look like kidney beans!). I really liked it, but wished I would have bought some white wine and made it according to the recipe. But as I said in the title, you live and learn!

We all loved the last recipe which was Whole Wheat Linguine with Broccoli. This was a fairly simple recipe that I intend on making once in a awhile. After preparing a pound of the linguine, you saute’ the broccoli along with garlic, red chili flakes, tamari, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts (which are SO expensive, thankfully I needed a small amount), lemon and salt and pepper. We all rated it a 10! I toasted the pine nuts for this recipe and didn’t get them too brown! Yeah! Especially at $25 a pound. Yikes!

Well, I have already prepared a couple more recipes, but they will have to wait until the next post.

We already had a great snowstorm here in Colorado! And thankfully it fell on a Saturday when we were able to enjoy it! Love the snow and hope it is a snowy winter here in the mountains. And hope you all are having a good Fall so far! Until the next time…

so long from Colorado!


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